I am fascinated with the power of our collective imagination, with that connects things, the threads that carry through. It seems to me that storytelling is the essential weaving.

My raw material is mythology. From this enormous mural of story from all time and place, there emerge well-worn yet powerful images. Myths describe creative processes, relationships and good landscapes for journeys;they recognize out soul sized dilemmas, and offer a way of exploration into our own life stories. Myth’s younger siblings, fairy and folk tales, are small colourful shards of glass that make up the dynamic mural of myth. Well-polished through telling after telling, they can be held up to the light, reflecting an ancient brightness, casting interesting shadows. It is that imaginative place that the strength of story dwells.

There is a mysterious creation of possibility that arises in storytelling: it’s inspiring, thrilling, transforming! Thats why I tell. Everything else falls away when the story is happening. Afterwards, I think, where else would I have rather been? It’s an exalted place!

Storytellers of Canada Vancouver Society of Storytelling

Abegael’s experience, knowledge and style make this an excellent workshop.
Allice Bernards
As both a teller of tales and a workshop presenter, I am impressed with Abegael’s breadth of knowledge … she has an abundant gift for what she does.
A. Anderson, Past President, Vancouver Society of Storytelling
The visual imagery of building a story up from the bones and giving it life was very powerful … I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to understand the key elements of storytelling and have a very good time doing it!
L. Murray
Absolutely wonderful exercises – all around great workshop! The easy interaction between participants and leader was fabulous. This was set up first thing with the group interaction as background sound “chaos” … it grounded and centred me.
K Bartlett
Thank you again for the wonderful class. I’m so full of positive energy!
T Longlade
I loved the various methods that were taught to us on reciting the bones of the story. Each piece had a lovely visual and practical element that really made the story come alive and stick in my mind! The workshop gave me the basics for understanding and more importantly learning to craft and enact the art of storytelling. I am very happy with what I learned and look forward to crafting and telling great tales!
KP, North Vancouver
This workshop offered way more than I expected. The process of moving off page was totally non fear inducing! The exercises were inviting and not in the least intimidating; I had lots of confidence when I told in the final Cric Crac circle. You offered and helped create a very supportive environment…..Pacing and time keeping were really good, so there was plenty of time for the final event of telling…. Easy pace, lovely people, great abundance of delicious food. Great!
Analee Gillespie
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop. It was a wonderful, diverse group, such interesting people. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be involved in a workshop which doesn’t rely on technology and gadgets, just the body and spirit.
It gave me clarity on how to approach learning a story for telling. The exercises helped me to build my confidence around storytelling as an art form. I also enjoyed meeting other people who had some experience in this area and finding out about their motivation for wanting to pursue this art form. I loved the way storytelling was presented as a legitimate art form of great value. I loved the confidence instilled in me within such a trusting and safe environment. I have been told for most of my life that I tell great stories…but I’ve never thought of this as a gift until now. What people do with this ‘gift’ of storytelling is something I began to discover on this workshop whilst with a wonderful group of like-minded, generous individuals.
Daniela Arena Gielnick, Teacher-Librarian, West Vancouver School District
Exceeded my expectations…I did not expect to come away with such concrete tools. What I loved: using the whole body to learn the stories as well as the senses (body, gestures, walking and talking, back to back, bouncing the ball, naming things – drawing the story (much to my surprise), and loved making a story for an object and then incorporating my story/object with another’s story/object .
Thanks muchly, I feel I have the tools now to go forth and be a storyteller!
Jollean Wingrave
Abegael, I want to say the whole day was very restorative….The workshop proved to me that people crave story and connection. .. it is wonderful to build a story that is not about selling something.
Being a part of such a warm courageous group – sparked my muse!
The way you expressed yourself, the way you acknowledged others and the energy set you that you created were fantastic to witness and nurturing to experience. Thank you.
I loved the way you utilized story to enter the threshold of the next segment of the workshop, followed by referencing the story as you went.
P Skalnek
I really had no great expectations except to enjoy myself which I certainly did! The process was easy to learn and fun as well. I have thought that it might be a very interesting experiment to combine a Laughter Yoga session with storytelling. …I loved the sharing of personal stories; I felt it brought the group together in a very cohesive and heartfelt way.
I also loved the way the workshop was presented which was not scary at all- thanks Abegael. I say that because of the statistic that claims the greatest fear after the fear of death is public speaking.
H Podrow
I was expecting technique to take the words off the page and into the telling space, which I got. I enjoyed it very much.
Now it would be nice to have an evening or two thru the month to continue the process, to try out our stories once we had more time to develop them and remember the bones. A breeding ground for new tellers, as it were. A place to keep up the momentum.
I loved that I had a workbook to go along with and take home to continue working with.
Mark Simmons
This workshop went far beyond my expectations. I had no idea how helpful your teachings would be to my own learning. Makes my usual way of getting into a story seem stone-age. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
I really love how comfortable the activities flowed, even with having minor concerns with time at times. I really liked how you did not go on, even a little bit, about how much you would have to cut given the time restraints. Can’t remember the last time that happened. It was refreshing and created a very relaxed and comfortable day. I was very satisfied with the amount of time we had … I really got the essential learning experience.
Dean Rath
Was interested to learn more about the craft of storytelling in general and more specifically how to get “off book”. I was curious about how to take a story, written by someone else, and make it my own. I found the space very inviting. I enjoyed the energy of the group. I appreciated the variety of activities and encouragement to try it all.
Having lunch together contributed to the day. I enjoyed the food very much!
Dr Catherine Hajnal, Educator and Life Coach
Thank you for the great workshop today. I really enjoyed it and it has inspired me to try more storytelling in my classroom.
H James, Vancouver School Board
Abegael’s talent and passion …was evident when she spoke with members … She not only told ancient myths, but helped participants learn how they could use storytelling in their professional lives…Some quotes: Abegael was excellent! Great event! I had forgotten what a discipline, a pleasure and a gift storytelling is.
L Russell, Canadian Society for Training and Development, Vancouver Learn @ Work Week 2005
I’d like to commend you on an absolutely dynamic and thought-provoking presentation!
D Dzyacky, Delegate, Canadian Urban Transit Association Conference 2005
I have been collecting rave reviews: That storyteller was fantastic! A wonderful evening! As you know, our Society serves those who think in a more image-based world than the normal sound-based world of education…and it was also important to reach both children and adults. I feel we did all of that and more… largely due to your superb skills!
S Hall, Executive Director, The Whole Dyslexic Society 2005
…Abegael is both an artist and an educator. Rarely do both those things combine so smoothly as in her presentations – you realize that you’ve come away with both a feeling of inspiration and context.
G Kallio, Artistic Director, Vancouver International Storytelling Festival 2003
As expected, Ms. Fisher-Lang added a lot to the Spring Ceili performance … with the mytho-poetry of good humor and magic!…delivering her own adapted fable-like narrative relating to Irish music and dance.
A Formanek, Artistic Director, Celtic Ceili 2003
As both a teller of stories and a workshop presenter, I am impressed with her breadth of knowledge. .. she has an abundant gift for what she does.
Anne Andersen, President, Vancouver Society of Storytelling
As a storyteller, Abegael’s skills are invaluable to our program. Her ability to involve all the students and teachers in innovative and creative ways has earned her a wonderful reputation.
J Morgan, Regional Co-ordinator, Learning Through the Arts 2002
Abegael’s experience, knowledge and style make this an excellent workshop
Bernards, Artistic Co-ordinator, Bowen Island Arts Festival 2003